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October 29th -30th, 2019

[TMA’s 3rd Annual Reward and
Performance Management Summit]

AMA Executive Center, Atlanta, GA
October 29th -30th, 2019

Aligning Continuous Performance Management with Rewards and Compensation Strategies to Maximize Employee Engagement

As the quest to find top talent becomes increasingly competitive, organizations are looking at alternative methods to attract the best and brightest.
Rewards are in the midst of a transition from the strictly standardized to the highly personalized.

Companies at the forefront of this wave are creating rewards programs that are delivered more continuously, aligned more closely with individual preferences, and based more fully on an employee’s whole contribution—to the team and the organization. Yet Deloitte research indicates that few companies are making this transition successfully. While 76% have reinvented performance management to be more continuous, 91% percent of companies still follow the utterly conventional practice of conducting salary reviews only once a year, or even less often. While more and more organizations give workers performance ratings more than once per year, only a very select few adjust salary at that pace, Compounding the problem, most remuneration programs are inflexible and narrowly focused on experience and tenure.

Forward-thinking employers are treating their rewards strategies as integral to their staffing and performance management efforts and viewing their rewards as an investment in workers’ productivity and engagement, especially as organizations face greater competition for talent.

The key to any organization’s success is its people. In order to concentrate incentives and rewards where they are most deserved, organizations need to utilize performance management plans to standardize the methods by which they measure and scale performance and payouts across the organization.

Highly valued rewards can become competitive differentiators that make an employer stand out, and these can be highlighted as the employer’s “rewards brand”. Since organizations have different aims and goals, these, too, should be reflected in the rewards strategy.

TMA’s Reward and Performance Management Summit will discuss how can we align rewards and compensation strategies with the new realities of continuous feedback and development-based performance management.


What You’ll Learn?

●    Understanding how the brain works in regards to feedback, performance ratings and rewards
●    Using behavioral economics to create a rewards brand that really attracts and engages top talent
●    Developing and revamping total rewards as a strategic component of employee engagement
●    The impact of organizational culture in assessing a performance management model
●    Developing managers to effectively deliver feedback and make fair compensation decisions
●    Aligning performance management with total rewards and strategic talent management

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Top Reasons To Attend:


1. The only conference addressing the relationship between performance management and compensation/rewards

2. Conveniently located in Atlanta, a cultural and economic center that is also home to the busiest airport in the US. Fly direct to our event from any city!

3. Case Study based program where speakers share real world experiences and practical advice you can implement as soon as you are back in the office

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